Ancient Egyptian Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
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 Premium Quality Materials 

Rediscover the treasures buried in history with our Ancient Egyptian Tapestry! Crafted to add a traditional touch to the most modern spaces, our wall tapestry makes a statement with its detailed design showing ancient Egyptians. Perfect for history buffs, the colorful illustrations transport you back in time as you gaze into it! Travel back in time with our tapestry wall art made to stand out in any room!

Made from 100% premium polyester, our beautiful tapestry has a thick construction that's durable for long-lasting use. The tapestry design features high-quality prints that stay vibrant even after several washing cycles. Its silky soft material looks and feels luxurious, granting an aura of elegance to the simplest space!

How to use:

Any way you want! Hang it on a blank wall. Drape it over your couch or sofa. Spread it over your bed. Use it as a rug. Spruce up your living space with our printed tapestry!