Vintage Ship Tapestry

 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

If you’re a fan of classic or traditional artworks, then you’ll love having our Vintage Ship Tapestry in your home! Decorating your living space will be smooth sailing when you’ve got our beautiful tapestry that’s easy to set up! Its tapestry design features a ship set against a majestic moon backdrop. Its antique finish, along with the vintage design, captures age-old charm and adds drama to any room. Be it for the bedroom, hallway, or living room, our printed tapestry is a must-have addition to traditional-styled homes!

Made from a premium blend of polyester and cotton, our Vintage Ship Tapestry has a machine-washable construction that offers hassle-free maintenance. Its high-quality prints stay vibrant even after several washing cycles, while its premium fabric resists stains, dust, and mildew.

How to use:

You’ll never run out of ways to use our wall hanging tapestry! Use it the traditional way as a wall hanging. You can also use it as a bedspread, furniture throw, rug, picnic mat, blanket, tablecloth, or even as a towel!