Sleepy Moon Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

You’ll be over the moon when you have our Sleepy Moon Tapestry gracing your home! Our beautiful tapestry celebrates the beauty of celestial objects by coming up with the sleepy moon character— a crescent moon, with a snot made up of stars, resting inside a sun! Its tapestry design features a muted palette that combines shades of blue, black, and yellow for a relaxing display that’ll calm your senses. Be it for the living room or bedroom, our cool tapestry will have you moon-eyed and in love with our exquisite tapestries!

Crafted from premium polyester, our Sleepy Moon Tapestry has a machine-washable construction that allows for quick and easy cleanup for hassle-free maintenance! It’s available in different sizes to fit your place and suit your need.

How to use:

Extremely versatile, you can enjoy our wall hanging tapestry any way you like! Mount it to a wall, drape it over your bed, use it as a furniture throw, or suspend it on the ceiling above your bunk bed to create your own fortress!