American Flag Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Commemorate the heroes in your life by adding our American Flag Tapestry in your home! This beautiful tapestry is a great decoration to amp up any bare wall and dull space. By simply hanging up this one, you won't even need to add anything else. You can hang it in your bedroom, home office, or living room.

Made with a woven polyester material, our American Flag Tapestry is as durable and long-lasting as it looks. It features a rustic style print that accentuates the design and gives the wall tapestry more character. The high-quality design is guaranteed to last for years and won't fade even with multiple washes by hand or machine.


Our American Flag Tapestry not only serves as a decoration but can be a part of your daily activities too! Its premium and soft fabric make this wall hanging tapestry ideal as a throw blanket for your bed or furniture. Storing it for future use is easier with just a few folds.