Angel Wing Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Spread your wings like an angel and take a picture with it! Our Angel Wing Tapestry will definitely take your selfie game up a notch with its high-definition vibrant print. It's a simple tapestry decoration that you can add even if you have a small and bare wall in your home, studio, or apartment. You can also let your creativity run wild for DIY photoshoots with this one.

Made of a premium polyester material, our Angel Wing Tapestry is durable, long-lasting, yet soft against the skin. It's perfect for different uses and the size variations we offer make it ideal for any space. Even with multiple washes, this beautiful tapestry with its vivid design is guaranteed not to fade over time.


Use it any way you want! May it be as a throw blanket to accent your furniture, a picnic or beach mat, or even as a towel, let your ideas soar higher with our Angel Wing Tapestry!