Arctic Forest Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
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 Premium Quality Materials 

You won’t have to wait for winter to come when you’ve got our Arctic Forest Tapestry in your home! It’ll always be wintertime in your house with our printed tapestry that captures the beauty of cold weather. Gaze at the scenic landscape of an arctic forest filled with trees and shrubs covered in snow. Our tapestry design blends refreshing hues with delicate, feathery patterns for a subdued yet captivating display.

Tailored from 100% polyester, our wall tapestry boasts a durable construction that's luxuriously lightweight. Its ultra-silky fabric exudes elegance and adds drama to bare spaces. Elevate any room’s interior and keep it chill by decking your walls with our Arctic Forest Tapestry!

How to use:

Use our wall hanging tapestry to make a statement! Perfect to use in place of paintings or sculptures for an equally eye-catching art that won’t require much investment. Be it for your bedroom, living room, or dorm, you’ll love having our beautiful tapestry around!