Autumn Leaves Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
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 Premium Quality Materials 

Fall in love with nature’s beauty with our Autumn Leaves Tapestry! This printed tapestry celebrates the fall season with a tapestry design that perfectly captures a scenic forest during autumn. Featuring shades of red, orange, and yellow, the captivating scene takes you on a trip down memory lane to a time when you basked in the sun and took in wondrous sights all around you. Our beautiful tapestry adds drama to any space, providing a lived-in feel to your home.

Made of 100% polyester material, the Autumn Leaves Tapestry is resistant to dust, mildew, and stains for easy maintenance. The premium fabric stays silky soft while the gorgeous prints stay vivid, one wash after another. Easy to fold and transport, our printed tapestry also doubles as a picnic blanket or beach mat.

How to use:

Designed to be an all-around decoration, our woven tapestry solves all your needs! Drape it over your bed as a blanket, hang it on a wall, use as a furniture throw, spread over a table, or suspend it on the ceiling to create your own fortress!