Blue and Grey Mandala Tapestry


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A perfect way to add a refreshing look and colors in your home is to get our Blue and Grey Mandala Tapestry! With its calming hues and intricate details, this blue tapestry will take your space up a notch by decorating your bare wall or an empty area. Just by simply hanging our beautiful tapestry, you'll be upgrading your interior without seeming like you put too much effort into it.

Constructed with 100% polyester material, our Blue and Grey Mandala Tapestry is durable and guaranteed to last you for years with proper care. Even with multiple washes, you're sure to keep this grey tapestry in great colors. Its premium fabric makes it easier to clean and maintain. With just a few folds, you can take and transfer our woven tapestry anywhere you want!


Our Blue and Grey Mandala Tapestry can be your throw blanket for your bed or furniture, your picnic or beach mat, a decorative floor mat, or even as your towel.