Chakras Tapestry


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Invite positive energy into your home by decorating it with our Chakras Tapestry! Designed with a Mandala created by interweaving exquisite patterns and geometric shapes, our tapestry wall art is a real conversation-starter! Its subdued palette, composed of varying shades of blue and green with a tinge of yellow, add the right amount of color and drama to any room. Our beautiful tapestry serves as your daily reminder to be mindful of where you devote your energy, freeing you from the constant worries and stresses of life!

Our Chakras Tapestry is made of 100% polyester material. Its thick yet lightweight fabric is resistant to dust, mildew, and stains for virtually zero maintenance! The premium fabric stays silky soft while the gorgeous prints stay vivid, one wash after another. Easy to fold and transport, our printed tapestry also doubles as a picnic blanket or beach mat.

How to use:

There’s no limit to what you can do with our wall hanging tapestry! Be it for the outdoors or indoors, you'll enjoy our tapestries anytime, anywhere!