Colorful Forest Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Experience the magic of nature and colors combined when you get your hands on our Colorful Forest Tapestry! If you need your white blank walls or empty space to have extra "oomph", this abstract tapestry is easy to hang and a great choice to upgrade the look of your interiors. It's also an ideal background for DIY photoshoots, selfies, or group photos.

Our Colorful Forest Tapestry is made from 100% polyester with a woven construction. Its premium quality makes it easier to clean and maintain against dirt, dust, stains, or possible mildew buildup. Even after several washes, this colorful tapestry with its excellent graphics won't fade over time. With just a few folds, you can easily take our colorful tapestry anywhere you go!


Get your guests mesmerized with our Colorful Forest Tapestry. Whether you want it as a bed or furniture throw blanket, as a picnic or beach mat, as a towel, or as a decorative floor mat—we have the right size for you!