Earthbound Tapestry


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When you need a little reminder to care for the planet, it’s time you get our Earthbound Tapestry! Bring our beautiful tapestry into your home and set it up in your favorite room without breaking a sweat! Our tapestry design reminds you that the world is resting in the hands of an almighty—but there’s still no excuse for us not to take care of the planet! Designed with beaming earth on the center with two beings surrounding it, our colorful tapestry lets the simplest space come alive. Set on a black backdrop with glowing celestial bodies, the center image stands out and looks just as beautiful from afar as it is up close!

Made of 100% polyester material, our beautiful tapestry is resistant to dust, mildew, and stains for easy maintenance. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures years of reliable use.

How to use:

The options are limitless! Easy to fold and transport, our Earthbound Tapestry doubles as a picnic blanket or beach mat. Be it for the outdoors or indoors, you'll enjoy our wall hanging tapestry anytime, anywhere!