Exotic Koi Fish Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

Dreaming of owning koi fish? Caring for these colorful carps can be challenging. Why not get our Exotic Koi Fish Tapestry instead? Enjoy the company of ornamental fishes hanging around in your home with our beautiful tapestry! Featuring two colorful koi fish circling on the white backdrop, our tapestry design perfectly captures the beauty of these aquatic creatures. Its design shows the fishes forming an infinity symbol, adding a whole new meaning to the eye-catching display!

With our Exotic Koi Fish Tapestry, you can bid goodbye to tedious and expensive renovation just to accommodate fancy fishes in your living space. Made from 100% polyester, our woven tapestry has a durable construction to guarantee years of use. Its premium fabric resists mildew, stains, and dust for virtually zero maintenance!

How to use:

Made with love just for you, our cool tapestry transforms into just about whatever you need it to be! Use it to dress up walls, to cover furniture, as a divider on bunk beds, or as your versatile companion for a day at the beach!