Fairy Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

There’s a lot to discover in our Fairy Tapestry! Perfect for adding color and a magical touch to any space, our beautiful tapestry is a must-have addition to your home! Our tapestry design features a striking palette that blends bold hues with streaks of light shades to give it a glowing appearance. The fairy beaming with light stands out from the blue backdrop, while the leaf-like patterns on the sides tone down the exquisite prints all over. With an eye-catching background that almost looks like a galaxy, our printed tapestry will give you a visual experience that’s out of this world!

Tailored from 100% thick polyester, our Fairy Tapestry resists wrinkling to keep it looking pristine for a long time. Designed with high-quality prints, our colorful tapestry won't fade easily even after several washing cycles.

How to use:

As you wish! Created to do it all for you, our cool tapestry transitions from a tapestry for walls to a cozy blanket or mat! Use it as a bedspread, furniture throw, picnic mat, blanket, or even as a towel.