Fantasy Galaxy Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

Get ready for a viewing experience that’s out of this world with our Fantasy Galaxy Tapestry! Our tapestry design shows a rocky landscape overlooking crystal blue waters, giving you a scene that’s made for your viewing pleasure. Our printed tapestry blends cool shades of blue with neutral and earth-toned colors for a soft palette that’s refreshing to look at. The captivating scene makes for a dreamy backdrop for your DIY photoshoots, selfies, or group photos! Its breathtaking design adds color and life to the dullest space, perfect for giving your living space a much-needed update!

Made of 100% polyester, our Fantasy Galaxy Tapestry boasts a durable construction that offers years of reliable use. Its lightweight material feels irresistibly soft to the skin, making it ideal as a decorative surface mat or throw blanket.

How to use:

Any way you want! Hang it to a blank wall for an eye-catching display that will greet guests. Spread it over your bed. Use it as a blanket for a good night's sleep. Snug into it as you lounge on the couch daydreaming.