Fantasy World Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
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 Premium Quality Materials 

Living on your own can be both exciting and challenging. Create your dream world by hanging our Fantasy World Tapestry in your living space! Be it for your dorm or apartment, our beautiful tapestry instantly gives your place the makeover it needs! Our tapestry design features a dreamy landscape complete with floating balloons everywhere that add a whimsical touch to the scene. The gorgeous palette with just the right amount of bright and warm tones makes gazing at this masterpiece an entertainment you’ll enjoy!

Our Fantasy World Tapestry is carefully woven from 100% polyester to grant you years of use. Its luxurious fabric resists wrinkling to keep it looking pristine for a long time. Featuring high-quality prints, our woven tapestry won't fade easily even after several washing cycles.

How to use:

Fancy a makeover for your humble abode? Our tapestry wall art is what you need! Hang it on a blank wall to transform your living space into an enchanting haven. Lay it on the floor in place of a rug. Drape it over your couch.