Five of Cups Mermaid Tapestry

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 Premium Quality Materials 

You can't move into the future without first looking back at your past. Get wiser and stronger by using our Five of Cups Mermaid Tapestry to remember where you've been. This beautiful tapestry features vibrant and artful graphics that will bring the life out of any plain wall, dull area, or empty space. It's a great piece to add to your home if you're a fan of tarot cards and decorating!

Enjoy our Five of Cups Mermaid Tapestry for a long time with its durability and long-lasting quality. Because of the 100% polyester material, this woven tapestry is easier to clean and maintain against dust, dirt, stains, and possible mildew buildup. Even after several washes, you won't have to worry about the print fading.


Our Five of Cups Mermaid Tapestry is like your personal investment piece! Use it as your bed or furniture throw blanket, picnic or beach mat, decorative floor mat, or even as a personal towel. And with only a few folds, you can bring this wall hanging tapestry anywhere!