Fragments Mexican Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
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 Premium Quality Materials 

Keep the festive vibe in your home with our Fragments Mexican Tapestry! Featuring eye-catching hues on intricate designs, this wall hanging tapestry is the perfect piece to give accent to a plain wall or a dull space. Wow your guests by decorating your home without breaking a sweat.

By using 100% polyester material, our Fragments Mexican Tapestry feels soft yet durable enough to use for a long time. This also guarantees the vibrancy of the prints even after several washes, making it easier to clean and maintain against dirt, dust, stains, and possible mildew buildup. Hang it on your bedroom, living room, or home office.


Our Fragments Mexican Tapestry is a multipurpose piece that's decorative and highly functional. Use it as your bed or furniture throw blanket, picnic or beach mat, decorative floor mat, or even as your personal towel!