Scenic Forest Blossom Tapestry


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Let your home bloom in style by copping our Scenic Forest Blossom Tapestry! Enter paradise and imagine yourself walking down a flower path by gazing at our beautiful tapestry that’s designed with blossoming sakura! With a refreshing palette that combines pretty pink shades with earth-toned colors, our colorful tapestry perfectly captures nature’s beauty! Its tapestry design, specially made for your viewing pleasure, brightens up the dullest space to give your humble abode that lived-in feel!

Crafted from 100% polyester material, our Scenic Forest Blossom Tapestry boasts a durable construction that's luxuriously lightweight. Its ultra-silky fabric resists mildew, stains, and dust for easier cleanup and maintenance. Its lightweight yet thick construction lets you hang it without breaking a sweat!

How to use:

Perfect for any season! Mount it to a bare wall or an empty room. Hang it above your bed in place of a headboard. Lay it on the living room floor as a rug. Spread it over your couch or sofa as a furniture throw.