Hawaiian Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

Miss strolling in sandy beaches and splashing in the water? Take a trip down memory lane and let our Hawaiian Tapestry transport you to the beautiful isles of Hawaii! Our tapestry design features a gorgeous view of the beach from the shore. Set against a magnificent sky displaying different hues, the sandy shore and pristine waters capture the beauty of your fave tropical island. The sunny palette blends bright hues with muted shades to recreate the breathtaking scene before the sun sets. Turn your home into a paradise and retreat any time of the day by gazing at our Hawaiian Tapestry!

Made from 100% polyester, our printed tapestry has a machine-washable construction that ensures hassle-free maintenance. Styled with high-quality prints that won't fade easily, our wall hanging tapestry stays vibrant and vivid even after multiple washing cycles.

How to use:

It’ll be summer all year round with our beautiful tapestry! Hang it on a blank wall to transform your home into a tropical paradise. Lay it on the floor in place of a rug. Drape it over your couch. Spread over your bed.