Indian Astrology Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Welcome good fortune into your home with our Indian Astrology Tapestry! Simply hang it to your living space to add some drama to bare walls or empty rooms! Our tapestry design features a trippy astrology circle, also known as a birth chart, complete with zodiac signs and symbols. Set against a dark backdrop with star prints all over, the centerpiece image stands out even from afar! Perfect for astrology lovers, our beautiful tapestry is sure to make the stars line up in your favor!

Our Indian Astrology Tapestry is tailored from 100% polyester. Our wall tapestry boasts a durable construction that's luxuriously lightweight to let you set it up without breaking a sweat! Its premium material resists mildew, stains, and dust for easier cleanup and maintenance.

How to use:

Like the stars in the galaxies, there are billions of ways to use our printed tapestry! Use it as a bedspread, furniture throw, picnic mat, blanket, or even as a towel! You'll love having our colorful tapestry by your side anytime, anywhere.