Lunar Psychedelic Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

Make your home decoration a wild trip for you and your guests using our Lunar Psychedelic Tapestry! It features an almost abstract creature with a human body figure and a text embedded in the design that says, "Welcome Home". The extra limbs on the figure make the graphic more mysterious yet exude a mesmerizing aura with its beautifully blended colors.

Our Lunar Psychedelic Tapestry is made 100% polyester material for long-lasting quality. Even with several washes, you can guarantee that this beautiful tapestry will maintain its vibrancy, details, and construction due to its durability. It's a great piece to add anywhere in your home, or you can simply fold it when you need to bring it outside.


Be it a throw blanket, floor mat, picnic blanket, or tablecloth, our Lunar Psychedelic Tapestry is ready for the job! You can even use this woven tapestry as a DIY photoshoot background.