Medieval Times Tapestry


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There’s nothing like our Medieval Times Tapestry to showcase Egypt’s rich culture! Travel back in time and stand in the presence of Egyptian gods and royalty as you gaze in our beautiful tapestry. Crafted to add a traditional touch to the most modern spaces, our wall tapestry makes a statement with its detailed design showing ancient Egyptians. Designed with ancient symbols such as the Ankh, the Udjat eye or eye of Horus, and many more, our printed tapestry is sure to let you discover something new each time you look at it!

Our Medieval Times Tapestry is made from 100% polyester. Designed with high-resolution images, its impressive prints stay vibrant even after several washing cycles. With its soft and lightweight fabric, hanging it in your living space will be a breeze!

How to use:

This tapestry wall art is an all-around décor! Use indoors as a wall display, furniture throw, bedspread, or even curtain. Can also be used outdoors as a picnic rug or a beach blanket.