Metatron Chakra Tapestry


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Receive guidance from the archangel Metatron by displaying our Metatron Chakra in your home! Featuring the Metatron cube, our tapestry design combines geometric shapes with linear patterns to come up with the sacred cube. Known to clean psychic toxins in your chakras, the sacred cube in our beautiful tapestry cleanses and refreshes the aura of your living space to invite positive energy. Its trippy palette mixes bright and bold hues to draw in onlookers! Set against a backdrop of purples and blues, the exquisite image is easily recognizable even from afar!

No more need for major renovation with our Metatron Chakra Tapestry that spruces up your place! Made from a premium blend of polyester and cotton, its machine-washable construction offers easy maintenance.

How to use:

Created to do it all for you, our tapestry wall art is the only decoration you need! Hang it on a blank wall. Drape it over your couch. Spread it over your bed. You’ll never run out of ways to display this masterpiece!