Orange Flamingo Tapestry


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Let the shorebirds have a representation in your humble abode by incorporating our Orange Flamingo Tapestry in it! The flamingo printed in our wall tapestry signifies the importance of emotions and free expression. Flamingoes symbolize balance and the importance of being open to others and being open-hearted. Don't just decorate your home, but style it with personality and depth with our beautiful tapestry!

Tailored from 100% polyester, our woven tapestry boasts a durable construction that resists wrinkling. Its high-resolution image is guaranteed to stay vibrant even after several washes, while the fabric resists stains, dust, and mildew. Our wall hanging tapestry also features a lightweight, soft to the touch quality that exudes elegance to add aesthetics to bare spaces.

How to use:

You can use our Orange Flamingo Tapestry any way you want! Wrap it over your couch, hang it on a wall, spread it over your bed, or use it as a picnic rug, floor mat, or beach blanket—from a simple decor to a functional mat, we got you covered!