Science Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Whether you’re in love with planets or just thinking of a fun way to teach kids about our planet, our Science Tapestry is what you need! Its tapestry design shows the Earth along with easily readable texts that tell brief information about our planet. Set against a solid gray backdrop, the elaborate illustration of our planet makes it easy to see it even from afar! Be it for your child’s study room, playroom, or the living room, our beautiful tapestry makes learning enjoyable and exciting!

No need to put up charts or graphs only to remove them again after every study session with our Science Tapestry! Made from 100% polyester, its lightweight and luxuriously soft fabric makes setting it up a breeze in any space!

How to use:

Use as an alternative to traditional visual aids! Mount it to a blank wall as a tapestry wall art. Lay it on the ground in place of a rug. It’s the perfect replacement for overly fancy ornaments that take hours to set up.