Seaside Tapestry


 2 to 3 Day Processing
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Premium Quality Materials 

When there’s no way you can’t be at your favorite beach, then you’ll love having our Seaside Tapestry hanging around in your home! Crafted to turn your living space into a tropical paradise, our beautiful tapestry shows a captivating view of a seaside complete with cabins, palm trees, and a small hill in the background. The stunning scene puts the spotlight in crystal clear waters that reveal diverse coral reefs hiding underwater. Designed with a refreshing palette that’ll instantly refresh your space, our colorful tapestry makes staying at home feel almost like vacationing in your fave summer destination!

Exquisitely woven from 100% thick polyester, our Seaside Tapestry guarantees years of use. Its luxurious fabric resists wrinkling to keep it looking pristine for a long time.

How to use:

Any way you want! Mount it to a blank wall for an eye-catching display no one can't ignore! Spread it over your bed and use it as a blanket for a good night's sleep. Snug into it as you lounge on the couch daydreaming.