Shining Elephant Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Welcome our Shining Elephant Tapestry into your living space and let good luck and prosperity reign in your home! Its tapestry design features a majestic elephant blended with intricate patterns to add drama to blank walls or empty rooms. The bright and bold hues combined with exquisite patterns perfectly blend for a masterpiece that’ll awaken your senses! Designed with a lotus mandala in the background, the huge critter adorned with hippie prints lets you discover something new every time you look at our colorful tapestry. Known to symbolize good luck, wisdom, and protection, the magnificent animal steadily advances to enter your home and bring good things to your household!

Made from 100% premium polyester, our Shining Elephant Tapestry has a thick construction that's durable and long-lasting. Its high-resolution images are guaranteed to stay vibrant even after several washing cycles!

How to use:

The options are limitless! Lay it on the floor as a mat for meditation. Spread it over your bed and use it as a blanket. Mount it to a blank wall. Use it in place of a headboard.