Tree Cross Tapestry


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When you’re at a major crossroads in your life, remember to look to the cross before you take that step that might change your life! Set up our Tree Cross Tapestry in your home and get the inspiration you need to make life-changing decisions! Our beautiful tapestry shows a glorious tree with its trunk and branches forming a cross surrounded by tree stumps. The majestic tree symbolizes hope in the midst of trials. Set against a stunning backdrop of the sun rising to represent a new day brimming with possibilities, the cross-shaped tree reminds you to take root in your faith so you can overcome whatever comes your way! 

Woven from 100% polyester, the Tree Cross Tapestry is resistant to dust, mildew, and stains for easy maintenance. Its lightweight yet durable fabric stays soft while its gorgeous prints stay vivid even after several washes.

How to use:

Perfect for uplifting the ambience of your living space! Hang it above your bed in place of a headboard. Drape it loosely on a window across your bed. Do all these and more with our wall hanging tapestry!