Vintage Medieval Tapestry


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If you want a room that looks like it's taken out of a historical museum, look no further than adding our Vintage Medieval Tapestry into your space! This ancient-like, beautiful tapestry got its inspiration from iconic Egyptian reliefs that look like eye-pleasers until today, with its clean illustrations and intricate details. It's also a great pop of warm color when your style leans toward more on the classical side.

Made from 100% polyester material, our Vintage Medieval Tapestry boasts a structure that's both soft against the skin yet durable in quality. This woven tapestry is a life-long home companion for many decorative and functional purposes. It's also easier to clean and maintain by hand-wash or machine cycle.


Our Vintage Medieval Tapestry not only can liven up your space, but is also a useful and handy piece all around. Make it as a throw blanket for your vintage-inspired bed or sofa, picnic mat, table cover, and more!