Vintage World Map Tapestry


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 Premium Quality Materials 

Stir your wanderlust by gazing at our Vintage World Map Tapestry! Our beautiful tapestry shows a charming illustration of the world map to help you plan your next trip to your dream destination! Its muted palette blends black and gray shades to complete its outdated look. The subdued colors will put you in a nostalgic mood and let you reminisce unforgettable travels. Perfect for globetrotters, our tapestry wall art gives you the inspiration you need to keep going places and discover the beauty around the globe!

Made from 100% premium polyester, our Vintage World Map Tapestry has a durable construction that guarantees years of use. Its soft and lightweight fabric is resistant to dust, mildew, and stains to ensure easy maintenance. Easy to fold and transport, our woven tapestry can be easily stashed in your bag or suitcase when traveling.

How to use:

Extremely versatile, you can enjoy our printed tapestry any way you like! Mount it to a wall, drape it over your bed, use it as a furniture throw, or suspend it on the ceiling above your bunk bed to create your own fortress!