White and Gold Mandala Tapestry


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Liven up your living space by decorating it with our White and Gold Mandala Tapestry! Designed with a mandala that features a lotus-like flower perfectly placed inside circles, our tapestry wall art is a true masterpiece that’ll instantly captivate onlookers! Its tapestry design shows exquisite patterns and geometric shapes forming the intricate centerpiece, capturing the definition of symmetry. Known to hold profound spiritual meaning, the mandala in our beautiful tapestry symbolizes the universe—reminding you of your connection to the world outside your door!

Made from 100% polyester, our White and Gold Mandala Tapestry has a thick construction that's durable for long-lasting use. Our printed tapestry has high-quality prints that stay vivid and vibrant even after several washing cycles. Its silky soft material looks and feels luxurious, granting an aura of elegance to the simplest space!

How to use:

Perfect for your dorm or apartment, our tapestry wall art is an all-around décor! Use indoors as a wall display, furniture throw, decorative rug, bedspread, or tablecloth. Can also be used outdoors as a picnic mat or a beach blanket.